Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trini Cars For Sale

This blog is created to guide trinis or whoever resides in trinidad and tobago in placing their cars for sale. Buying and selling cars has been done by many in trinidad and it has had its ups and downs. Advertising is the best way to get customers. One way to advertise cars is to place an ad in the newspapers. However this method is very costly. Another way is to mark a "for sale" sign on your vehicle and including a contact number. Avoid putting more than one contact number. Another way of advertising is to put an ad on the internet. In this way customers can see your car with all the descriptions. The best thing about this method is that it saves you money. It also saves you time since only interested people call you. Most likely you will sell your car with only one or two phone calls from customers! is the place for this method of advertising.
Remember if you want to sell your car to a trini, always keep it clean and call a reasonable price for it. This pair of advice is the most important one. Good luck.
Stay tuned for more from trini.